Worthmore is a Copenhagen based start-up which focuses on the environmental impact of smartphones. They wanted a brand identity that reflected their Nordic roots and charitable work without losing flexibility and professionalism. I helped them build their logo, icons, website and social media presence.



Improv Comedy Copenhagen Theater


The Improv Comedy Copenhagen theatre was looking for a fresh new look and logo for their growing theatre. The new visual identity is based on the different departments of the theatre, theatre, training centre, Corporate and Festival. The logo was based on the initials of the theatre and is flexible to apply to all the departments.



Visual Identity

The Department of Management, Politics and Philosophy (Part of Copenhagen Business School), wanted a new visual identity to celebrate their 25th anniversary.


The former logo of the MPP department was an image that was based on the first depiction of humans found in Denmark. This image represents five figures that were supposedly dancing, and the image was carved into a piece of bone. This first discovery of human culture in Denmark was a fitting representation for the concept of the first MPP logo.

Therefor we decided to modernize the logo, to do justice to the history of the MPP but also to show the progress that the department had made. In the logo we choose to represent a non-gender specific depiction of a human.

The progress was to show the remaining focus on humanity and the evolution of the department through the digitization of the MPP and the fight for equality.


Groninger Museum

Visual Identity

A new corporate design for the Groninger Museum. The museum is a very colourful building and houses five permanent collections. It has had many diversified exhibitions in the past and with both contemporary and more classical artists. This branding is based on the combination between old and new, the colourful patterns that are seen throughout the entire building and the five colours represent the five collections.


100% Groningen


A campaign for a local political party during election time. The campaign was to raise awareness to gender equality in politics. We wanted to make woman more visible in politics to normalize the idea of gender equality by creating female role models in political positions.


Touch and Feel

Graduation project

The Touch and Feel book for adults is an illustrated book with a combination of images and different materials, that should help the readers get in touch with their feelings.
The book can be used in therapy sessions and can assist to establish the problems and personality of the client. The title ‘Touch and feel’ can be interpreted in two different ways, the sensory way and the emotional way.



Visual identity

A start-up website for bodybuilding and fitness enthusiasts was looking for a fitting visual identity. The logo and the look of the website needed to represent the identity of the sport without being to intimidation for beginners. The visual identity is powerful and active.




The town of Roden held a design competition to develop a new path finding system for the visitors of their cultural hot spots. I created a colorful pointer system that would be visible throughout the whole town center, leading people to the towns hidden gems.



Shoe design



Interactive project


Medical history project

Art expo

The University Medical Centre opened its historical collection to a selected group of artist to get inspiration for an art exposition. They have one of the largest medical collections in the Netherlands. My inspiration came from their collection of preserved human body parts, which were kept for medical purposes, but more often were used as home decoration for the upper class in the 18th and 19th century. These collections were immensely popular and were often more driven by a morbid curiosity then medical knowledge. To bring out the duality between scientific knowledge and morbid curiosity, I took paper cut outs from discarded medical books and ‘preserved’ them in vials and jars to trigger the morbid curiosity in the viewers.