Graphic design

You know, like posters, websites and logo's and things like that


A lot of sketches, doodles and some pretty graphic novels


Yeah, I can't explain them all here, just take a look


A terrible sense of humor and illustrative skills merged into comics

Graphic design and illustrations in Copenhagen


What is good Graphic Design to me?

Graphic design is all about communication with the reader. You need to understand your audience and you need to understand the story that your work is communicating. This requires a lot of research and asking difficult questions. When I have all the information and I know the people I am making it for, I can start looking for the most effective and creative solution.  

Graphic designer,

Illustrator and

Design Thinker

What goes into creating an illustration?

The same as with my Graphic Design work, my illustrations are about communicating feeling or ideas. The tools I use most in my work to communicate are humour and visual metaphors. I try to stay clear of the obvious ideas and often use animals in human situations to visualize the unnatural behaviours that we sometimes portrait. Every illustration requires a different visual solution depending on the story it tells, therefor I experiment often with various styles of drawing and even different materials, such as collages or woodburning.


Inge Weima



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